Welcome to Asam Brake Center

Your Ultimate Stop
for Automotive Brake

Special Offer: 20% off on brake inspection for first-time customers!

Welcome to Asam Brake Center

Your Ultimate Stop
for Automotive Brake

Special Offer: 20% off on brake inspection for first-time customers!

Welcome to Asam Brake Center

Your Ultimate Stop
for Automotive Brake

Special Offer: 20% off on brake inspection for first-time customers!

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With over three decades of expertise, Asam Brake Center ensures your vehicle stops when it needs to!


Know About Auto Brake Services Company History

Established in 1991, Asam Brake Center started as a small shop and garage and grew into the Jordans’s premier brake service provider.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to ensure every vehicle is safe and equipped with the best brake systems. Your safety, our commitment.

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Exciting News: We’ve just received a fresh stock of DURAPER brake pads,
brake shoes, and rotors! Elevate your vehicle’s braking performance with the latest in brake
technology. Visit us today to explore our new inventory


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Brake Repair Services

Now in stock: DURAPER Brand’s latest brake pads, shoes and rotors. Engineered for performance.

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    Best brake service in town! Trusted Asam for years.

    Ismail Mohamad

    Took my car in thinking it'd be a major repair. The team at Asam was honest and fixed it at half the cost I was expecting. Integrity and quality in one place!

    Basem Ibrahim

    I've been to many automotive centers, but the attention to detail and professionalism at Asam stands out. They genuinely care about your safety.

    Naji Musa

    Had a brake emergency. Asam Brake Center not only fixed it promptly but also educated me on preventive maintenance. They go the extra mile!

    Mohamad Al Khatib

    Their technicians are top-notch. Knowledgeable, friendly, and they always explain everything. Asam is my go-to for anything brake-related.

    Fadi Khalid

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For optimal safety, a bi-annual check is recommended.

    Ideally, you should have your brakes inspected every six months or every 5,000 to 7,000 Kilometers, whichever comes first. Regular checks ensure your safety and can help detect issues before they become costly problems.
    Common signs include squealing or grinding noises, a soft or spongy brake pedal, vibrations in the steering wheel when braking, or your car pulling to one side when braking.
    The lifespan of brake pads varies based on driving habits, vehicle type, and the quality of the pads. On average, they can last anywhere from 25,000 to 70,000 Kilometers. Regular inspections will help determine their condition.
    Brake pads are used in disc brake systems, while brake shoes are used in drum brake systems. While they serve the same purpose—to create friction and slow your vehicle—they have different designs and are used in different brake setups.
    Low brake fluid can be due to natural brake pad wear, a leak in the brake system, or overdue brake maintenance. It’s crucial to address low brake fluid promptly, as it’s vital for safe braking.
    Resurfacing, done using a brake lathe, can be a cost-effective solution if your rotors are slightly uneven but still thick enough to meet safety standards. However, if they’re too thin or have severe damage, replacement is the safer option.
    Not necessarily. Front brakes usually wear out faster than rear ones because they handle a higher percentage of the braking load, especially in front-engine cars. It’s essential, however, to check all brakes regularly for even wear and performance.
    While we recommend using the high-quality parts we source, we understand that some customers prefer providing their own. If you choose to do so, please note that our service warranty might only cover the labor and not the parts.
    A standard brake inspection and pad replacement typically take about 1 to 2 hours. However, if additional services like rotor replacement or brake lathe resurfacing are required, it may take longer. We always strive to provide efficient and timely service.


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