Michael Lewy -
photographer, imagemaker & storyteller...


"For me, photography is an artform that allows me to capture moments in time, spontaneous emotions, and the reality or abstractions of our world. I use every opportunity to combine my creative and technical skills to make impactful and visually compelling images that, I hope, will resonate with my viewers."

"Whether its freezing a split-second action, capturing a unique moment in time, or shedding light on important issues or events, I aim to make a lasting impact through my work."

“Captivating and beautiful, his images are great. From wildlife to landscape, Michael’s photos touch the emotions of the soul. An eye for detail – spacial, scale, texture and rhythm”.



"I love the image “Zebra Stampede”. My mum saw this image at an exhibition in Australia, she bought it and sent it to me in Johannesburg, South Africa where I live. The photo was taken at KNP, South Africa, and therefore has special meaning for me."

Sovi L


"You can see that Michael does what he loves and loves what he does. He is a master at his craft. His birds - particularly birds in flight – and wildlife, are special! Capturing these animals at the precise right moment in time is not easy, yet he nails it nearly all the time."

Lucy and Gerard

Avoca Beach.

Michael Lewy has a rare gift for seeing and capturing dramatic moments from the world of animals and birds as well as human life. His commitment to portraying the beauty of natural events with a documentary veracity whilst also finding a deeper truth in his photographs of people, be they in repose, at play or facing difficult times on the streets of our cities, makes for a moving encounter with every one of his images.

Peter S


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