Specialized in Training & Development Developers to our participants, customers and our community

Under Supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research & Innovation

Our Training Programs

Our Vision & Mission


We are in TQTI aim to minimize the gap between current & targeted performance through guaranteed implementation of returned skills during training


To be the leader in building leadership management and to be the first strategic choice in the Middle East


Changing the strategic concept of training by moving out of the narrow theoretical concept to broad concepts of professional practices

Advantages of learning with the our Academy

TQTI Experts

Our Experts are Arabs & World wide in Education & Training. We have a high level Internationally Accredited Team with Excellent Experiences

Our Targets

Create the positive Attitude in workplace Develop the Commercial , Technical & IT abilities of the staffs Improve the positive thinking Achieve high level of ROI

How can we achieve?

Contact with our clients Identifying Training Needs Design the training programs Identify the objectives Execute the training Evaluation of Training ROI of the whole training process

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